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FAQ'S Frequently Asked Questions




Rocky's Post Frame Supply is dedicated to delivering superior and functional buildings that enhance the value of your property. With our extensive experience in the construction industry, we have refined our skills and fostered a true passion for crafting top-notch garages and outbuildings

How long is a quote from a salesperson valid? 

Absolutely! We provide free estimates for Farm & Ag as well as Garages. We frequently update material prices to ensure accuracy.

Do you offer free estimates for Barndominiums and Homes? 

Yes, we do offer free estimates for custom Barndominiums and Homes. To receive an accurate estimate, we require a blueprint from our blueprint department or a comparable quality blueprint due to the wide variety of options and expectations in home construction.

FAQ'S Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Barndominiums and Homes include interior doors, drywall, trim, or floors? 

No, we specialize in providing the exterior shell only. The interior walls are stick-framed, and no interior doors, drywall, trim, or floor coverings are included in our packages.

How many metal colors are available? 

Currently, we offer our metal panels and trim in 27 attractive colors.

What is the difference between 26” gauge and 29” gauge metal? 

The 26-gauge panel is thicker than the 29-gauge panel. However, for most applications, the 29-gauge panel is adequate and widely used for residential and agricultural projects.

FAQ'S Frequently Asked Questions

What is your delivery range? 

We ship materials to locations within a 200-mile radius of our main office in Cullman, Alabama.

What's your building/contractors range for Barndominiums & Homes?

Our building services are available within a 200-mile radius of our main office in Cullman, AL, through our trusted independent contractors and partner companies.

What's your building/contractors range for Farm & Ag Buildings and Garages? 

We extend our building services to locations within a 200-mile radius of our main office in Cullman, AL, through our preferred independent contractors and partner companies.

FAQ'S Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company install roofs? 

Yes, we do install roofs on the buildings we construct.

Are metal roofs louder than other types? 

When properly installed, metal roofs are not significantly louder than other roofing types, such as asphalt shingles or wood shakes.

What kind of metal trims do you offer? 

We proudly manufacture and stock a wide array of metal trim configurations to meet various building requirements.

FAQ'S Frequently Asked Questions

Does ROCKY'S Supply offer financing?

Yes, we're delighted to announce our partnership with Home Loan Investment Bank and ACORN Finance, making the financing process seamless and convenient. We prioritize quality customer service, and you can find the Financing link in our menu.

What products and services do you offer? 

At ROCKY'S SUPPLY, we provide a diverse range of top-quality building products, including lumber, sheet metal, wood and metal trusses, doors, and windows. We also offer DIY building kits for residential, agricultural, and commercial projects. Additionally, through our reliable partners, we offer full contracting services, including CAD design, engineering drawings, and complete project management.

What warranties are available? 

Our metal panels and trim, along with the buildings we construct, come with a one-year warranty when built by us or one of our licensed and insured partners.

FAQ'S Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to insulate my building? 

If you enclose the building, we recommend using a double bubble wrap to prevent condensation caused by temperature differences between the inside and outside of the metal panel. For heated or cooled buildings, we suggest installing fiberglass insulation or foam insulation, both of which have significant R-values and help maintain a consistent indoor temperature. Our insulation options vary in thickness, accommodating different needs.

Do you install buildings? 

Yes, we offer building installation services. Reach out to us today for an estimate.

Who provides the gravel for the building pad? 

It's the customer's responsibility to provide any gravel needed for preparing the concrete pad base.

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